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Adult Softball Rules and Regulations

2024 Onsted Coed Softball Rules

   • Minimum of 8 players to play, 10 player max on defense

  • No more than 2 extra male on the field than female players (if there are 4 girls, there may only be 6 males)

  • 7 runs per inning run limit, per team

  • No new inning to start after 8pm

  • 7 inning game

  • No metal cleats

  • Base runners cannot lead off from base until bat makes contact with the ball

  • Tagging up on pop fly is allowed

  • Base runners may advance bases on defensive over throws

  • Minimum of 8 players to play, 10 player max on defense

  • NO baseball bats

  • Coin toss will determine home team vs away team

  • Each team is allowed 3 home runs per game. Each additional HR will result in an out Once both teams have 3 HRs, the PLUS 1 HR rule takes effect. A PLUS 1 HR can't win the game.

  • A home run is defined by a ball hit beyond the outfield fence

  • Pitcher and catcher must be a male and female combo (male pitcher, catcher must be female, vice versa)

  • No intentional walks thrown to batter (must pitch to hit)

  • If 2 strike count, 1 foul allowed, 2nd foul will be considered an out

  • Each at bat is allowed 3 swings total, each swing w/o contact is considered a strike

  • Pitch must be underhand and slow in velocity

  • Pitch must be at least 6 ft in height but no more than 12 ft, measured at the highest point of the arch

  • Base runners must stay within 3 ft of the baseline, exception is made when rounding the base at full speed

  • NO running past another runner (2nd runner will be out)

  • Fielders cannot block any base on a play at the base

  • Sliding into bases is NOT permitted and will result in an out.

  • 3 outs per team per inning

  • 1 defensive position switch per position, per inning, pre-pitch

  • Hitting line up: No more than 2 males in a row may bat in lineup. (If last batter of lineup is male, 1st and 2nd batter cannot be male) If 3 males bat in a row, 3rd male batter is automatically considered out

  • No advancing bases once the ball is in possession of the pitcher in the vicinity of the pitchers mound

  • Pinch runners will be permitted, limit of 1 per inning, and must be of the same gender 

  • Catchers cannot block home plate on a play at the plate unless they have possession of the ball before the runner gets to the plate

  • Free and unlimited subs allowed in the field

  • All players must bat in the lineup, skipping batter will result in an OUT

  • Batting out of lineup order will result in an OUT

  • Tagging runner or base on force out is permissible

  • Batter must stand in batter box while making contact with a pitch

  • Tie games are possible. OT if time permits and agreeable upon team captains.

  • Number of female players in the outfield must equal number of females in the infield (3 female outfielders requires 3 female infielders)

  • Minimum of 2 females in the infield

  • Players that are late may be added to the end/bottom of the lineup.

**This is a family friendly league that supports our communities' children and their youth recreation. Please refrain from inappropriate language and behavior**

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