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Onsted Community Recreation Committee

Onsted Community Recreation Committee

Our Core Values

Our Values

1. **Sportsmanship:** Embracing fair play, respect for opponents, and graciousness in both victory and defeat.

2. **Teamwork:** Cultivating a collaborative spirit, where every player contributes to the success of the team and values the importance of collective effort.

3. **Character Development:** Instilling integrity, responsibility, and resilience in players, fostering personal growth beyond the field.

4. **Inclusivity:** Creating an environment that welcomes players of all skill levels, backgrounds, and abilities, promoting diversity and unity within our Little League community.

5. **Fun and Enjoyment:** Prioritizing the joy of playing the game, ensuring a positive experience that sparks a lifelong love for baseball/softball.

6. **Safety:** Committing to the well-being of every player by maintaining high safety standards on and off the field.

7. **Positive Coaching:** Providing guidance that emphasizes encouragement, skill development, and building self-confidence among players.

8. **Community Engagement:** Connecting with families, volunteers, and local communities to strengthen the bonds that make Little League a shared and cherished experience.

Our Mission:

Fostering teamwork, sportsmanship and character development. Our mission is to provide a safe and inclusive environment where young athletes can learn, grow and enjoy the game of baseball/softball, creating lasting memories and building a foundation for a lifetime of positive experiences. 
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