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Onsted Community Recreation Committee

Onsted Community Recreation Committee

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Currently offering soccer programs for athletes ages 3.5-15

Soccer Committee members:

Program Director- Ashley Kenney
Assistant Director- Samantha Prestidge
Program Secretary/ Fundraising - Kim Barber

Soccer Liaison- Drew Thompson
Intermural Management- Gloria Leupp
Field Maintenance/ Equipment Management- Ryan LaPlante
Trustee- Ryan Serfass

Our Vision:
We are committed to the overall and individual development of each athlete which is consistent with the mission of the OCRC Soccer program.

Our Mission:  To build and maintain a highly visible program which fosters the overall development of the athletes whose aim is to be the best version of ones self and serve as a source of pride for the entire Onsted Community.

OUR CORE VALUES:  Learning, Integrity, Sportsmanship & commitment


  • The action of being fully involved with a hard working and purposeful attitude. Endeavoring  to understand how to be more successful while developing as a player or coach.
  • In order to be at your best, you must demonstrate a dedicated approach to  learning in everything that you do. We do not achieve by luck, but rather by being optimally prepared and undertaking every opportunity to improve ourselves.
  • We are committed to performing at our best capacity both on and off the field.
  • We display a voracious appetite to utilize all elements of the program to develop to the fullest  extent of our potentials


  • Doing the right things for the right reasons.
  • We have a responsibility to our players, coaches, and parents to act with the utmost integrity  personally and professionally.
  • We honor our commitments and will not compromise on ethics. We will hold ourselves, our  players, our coaches, and our parents to the highest degree of ethical behavior.
  • We honor what we say and speak positively and truthfully. We recognize that we are human  and can mistakes. We will always have the courage to be accountable and do what we need to  do to address issues that arise. We expect reciprocal behavior from our players, parents, and  staff.


  • The way in which OCRC Soccer program connects, behaves, and interrelates with each other, our opponents,  administrators and officials
  • We have a responsibility to connect with our players, coaches, and parents and all outside  players, coaches, administrators or officials through the mutual love of soccer; to behave positively and treat others as we want to be treated. To act continually within the bounds of fair play and to engage the efforts and interests of all to reach our common goal of becoming the best  version of ourselves.
  • We honor our relationships by establishing a foundation of trust with our players, coaches, and  parents. With trust, those relationships grow stronger and we can collectively work together to  satisfy the goals of the program.
  • We fully believe in treating each person / player, coach, parent, opponent, fan, administrator or  official with dignity, respect and professionalism. We win with humility, demonstrating our commitment to excellence while understanding the importance of good grace. We are accountable  for all of our actions and take ownership of our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. We recognize that we need to be flexible in achieving our goals as players, coaches, and parents so  that we can move forward in progress rather than being stuck in negativity.


  • The willingness to give our time and energy wholeheartedly to coaching and managing.
  • We have a responsibility to our players to mentor in a positive way.
  • We honor the fact that our commitment drives us to take continual positive actions and overcome obstacles.
  • We are considerate in making decisions and follow through on our commitments. We decide to do whatever it takes ethically and we push ourselves until we make it happen.

Registration Listing

Fall Soccer 2024 U5 & U7

U5 Soccer is our instructional program for our littlest of players. U5 is focused on the basics of the game and having fun. U5 soccer is played exclusively on Saturday mornings, we found that one day per week keeps the little ones more engaged and interested in learning the game. Game times may vary depending of field availability and weather.

U7 Soccer is our developmental program for the kids who are moving up or just coming into the program. U7 is focused on basic fundamentals and learning the rules of the game. U7 practices a minimum of one day per week with Saturday morning games. Game times may vary depending on field availbilty and weather.


Registration opens on 07/01/2024 at 01:00 AM
Season Dates: 08/26/2024 to 10/04/2024
Registration opens in:


Registration opens on 07/01/2024 at 01:00 AM
Season Dates: 08/26/2024 to 10/04/2024
Registration opens in:

2024 Fall Soccer U10, U12 &U15

All programs for athletes U10 and up are now part of the "traveling" division. To help keep our program all inclusive we wanted to make sure all players were offered the same opportunities.

U10, U12 & U15 teams practices a minimum of 2 days per week with Saturday games, game times vary depending on league field availability.

Once registration closes a schedule will be set by the league, sent to the OCRC Soccer director then be made available to all participants.


Registration opens on 07/01/2024 at 01:00 AM
Season Dates: 08/26/2024 to 10/04/2024
Registration opens in:


Registration opens on 07/01/2024 at 01:00 AM
Season Dates: 08/26/2024 to 10/04/2024
Registration opens in:


Registration opens on 07/01/2024 at 01:00 AM
Season Dates: 08/26/2024 to 10/04/2024
Registration opens in:
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